Case Study

“If you wanted to take it slow, there was no pressure, just support”

Rehmana always knew she wanted to be a personal trainer but didn’t pursue her passion because of opposing opinions.

But she soon realised it wasn’t something she could ignore.

“For me, becoming a personal trainer was something I’ve always wanted to do from a very early age, but I delayed doing so because of others’ opinions.

“Once I realised this passion wasn’t going to go away, I decided to go with my gut feeling and make the commitment.”

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Like a lot of people who want to become personal trainers, Rehmana wanted to share her passion and experience with others.

“I was already dedicated with my training and dieting. I realised what better way to do something I enjoy, than through my career and sharing my own experiences with others.

For me, becoming a PT is just another way to positively influence and change people’s lives, the way adequate exercise and a healthy diet changed mine.

“I’ve always wanted to inspire others. That is my ultimate goal. If you start with taking care of your body and your health you can conquer your mind and achieve anything!

“If I can influence people to commit to taking care of their health and becoming a better version of themselves, what more could I ask for?”

Once Rehmana had made the commitment to become a PT, she decided to get her qualification.

She chose Premier Global NASM after meeting a successful personal trainer who had gained her diploma from them.

” I was actually recommended Premier Global NASM from a PT who was already successful in her career.

“Once I got on the phone to Premier Global NASM, I had a really lovely lady who I was talking to. Just that one conversation instantly sold it to me.

“Premier also has NASM, which focuses on identifying and correcting posture of one’s form.”

Premier Global NASM is the UK’s leading provider of Personal Trainer qualifications and their level 3 diploma is their most popular course.

They’re the preferred partner of PureGym and are also partnered with Virgin Active, David Lloyd and Nuffield Health.

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One of the best things about training with Premier Global NASM is that they offer a job guarantee – they are so confident in their training and support that if you don’t get a job within 90 days, they give you a partial refund.

Because everything is done online, from tutor-led online live learning, a library of exercise videos, online quizzes and assessments to a virtual learning lab with live tutor support, it makes it completely flexible to your schedule.

It wasn’t always easy for Rehmana though. Like most of us, she had other commitments to work around, and that’s why Premier Global NASM’s diploma worked so well for her.

“During my main phase of completing this qualification, I was working and I was also in the middle of my degree.

“As you can imagine, it was hectic!

“But due to the flexibility of Premier Global NASM’s Diploma and being able to schedule my own exams, it was a huge plus for me.”

In fact, this flexibility is a huge reason why Premier Global NASM is the UK’s leading provider of personal trainer education, with live web-seminars, online resources, an exercise video library, and constant support from tutors.

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“It was a very flexible course. I really could take my time with it or rush with it if I wanted to.

“The course worked to my schedule and my pace, which was a huge perk for me since a lot of courses do not offer this.

Despite it being a fast tracked course, if you wanted to take it slow, there was no pressure, just support

For most people, being able to manage a course around their schedule is so important, with so many of us having work and family commitments, that’s why Premier Global NASM created their Level 3 Diploma with that in mind.

Throughout the course, Rehmana found the structure and support really helped her to gain her qualification and made the process much easier.

“There was a lot of interactive videos and visual aspects to it. For me this is essential for my learning type.

“They also have books, revision material made for you, mock papers, webinars, as well as 24/7 guidance, that is literally a phone call away.

“If you missed a webinar, it wasn’t a problem as everything is recorded and you can always go back to those webinars. They usually run 2 of the same webinars on the same day so the options were there.”

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Like any educational course, there are times when you need assistance and support, and it was no different for Rehmana.

“There was SO much help. I have to take the chance to thank Danyaal Sahi again. He was one of the coaches that really supported me through everything! He is just an example of some of the quality coaches representing Premier Global NASM.

“I also had good conversations with the team. I like that I can access all the revision materials and books to refer back on in the future as well.

I highly recommend this course. NASM gives this course an edge as well as the good staff.

Not all providers offer this constant course and often, online courses lack this network of assistance.

So what was Rehmana’s favourite part of the course?

“Finishing it whenever I liked!

“This was huge for me since it really took the stress away from my current hectic schedule.”

Rehmana has just qualified as PT and is excited about the path ahead. If you’re thinking of doing the same but are scared of taking the leap, you’re not alone. Rehmana felt the same.

“There’s fear of stepping into the unknown.

“But through fear is how we grow.

“The first step is in taking it. The second is to face that fear. Be committed to do something daring.”

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Being a PT is more than just teaching people to exercise. It’s about making positive choices in your daily life every day.

“It’s about feeling good every day. Those choices will determine how you want to live”, says Rehmana.

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