Why more and more gyms are looking for personal trainers over 30

If you’re thinking of making a career change but are worried your age will be a barrier, you’ll be pleased to know your age could actually be a bonus.

Thanks to an increase in older gym-goers, demand for personal trainers in the same age group has gone up.

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Gyms are now shifting their focus to making their services more inclusive of all ages.

And thanks to this boom in fitness among older people, those with an entrepreneurial spirit can carve out a niche for themselves, training clients with an older age profile.

The first step towards a career change can seem a bit daunting, but the main consideration is to ensure you choose the right course.

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Why the fitness sector wants to attract older people

Older adults hold 70% of the nation’s wealth and the average age of gym-goers is increasing, going from 39 in 2017 to 41 in 2019, , according to a recent report by the ukactive Research Institute.

Gym memberships among those aged 55-plus has also increased in the last three years from 19% in 2017, to 23% in 2019, according to the Moving Communities: Active Leisure Trends 2019 report.

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The report also pointed out that engagement levels among older people weren’t meeting their potential, so there is a huge opportunity to engage this older age group.

That’s why gyms are looking for people who are aged 30 and over to be personal trainers – their clientele are changing in age and to cater to them, gyms want to offer the best services – this includes personal trainers who can really understand the needs of older gym-goers.

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And because of the specialised training you are given while working for a brand such as PureGym, you are more likely to be exposed to promotions from within.

The career opportunities aren’t limited to working in a gym, though.

Earlier this year, the government announced The Healthy Ageing Investment Accelerator, a new initiative to distribute £12m worth of grants to small and medium-sized enterprises that encourage healthy ageing.

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This grant encompasses businesses that involve physical activity, so if you want to start a personal training business for the older generation, you can apply for a government grant to help you get started.

The fitness sector is just at the start of this drive to engage an older demographic, and now is the perfect time to be part of that drive.

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