Five careers you can have as a qualified personal trainer

Being a personal trainer used to mean working in a gym.

But things have come a long way since then, with health and wellness now a growing trend across the UK and the world, with a focus on healthy living and eating.

So, there’s never been a better time to become a personal trainer!

If you’ve been thinking about getting qualified, here are five career options you can take:

  1. Gym/Club manager:

Once you’re a qualified personal trainer and have experience in the field, your knowledge will make you a valuable manager.

To be able to manage a club you need to understand what makes people tick and have a good understanding of marketing and health & safety.

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Thankfully, a good personal training qualification will teach you these skills, and you’ll learn the rest as you gain more experience.

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This experience with PureGym is particularly important as a lot of Club Managers actually start their careers as personal trainers at a gym and work their way up.

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Because of the specialised training you are given while working for a brand, gyms are more likely to promote from within.

So if you’re looking for a stable job with a good salary and benefits, a managerial role could be for you.

Once you have the qualifications and experience, opportunities like this will be within reach.

  1. Gym/Club owner:

Looking for more than just managing a club? If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have a great idea for a gym, you could own your business.

Becoming a qualified personal trainer opens doors for you to become your own boss and create your own brand and legacy.

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Opening your own business takes a lot of hard work and isn’t always easy, but the benefits can really pay off if you’re willing to see your dream through.

From fitness studios, health clubs to boxing gyms and mixed martial arts clubs, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Gym owners have huge earning potential, through gym memberships, classes, personal training and selling products.

  1. Consultant

Once you establish yourself as a personal trainer, you can share your knowledge by becoming a freelance consultant.

That could either mean mentoring personal trainers who are just starting out, or creating training programs for gyms, giving one-on-one sessions to clients or creating bespoke training packages.

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With such a big interest in health and wellbeing right now, there are so many avenues you can go down. Just make sure you choose a reputable education provider that offers more than just training.

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And thanks to the rise of social media, it’s made it easier for personal trainers to create their own brand, grow their following and market their services.

This successful establishment of a social media presence is something a lot of people want to do, so if you have a successful profile, you can teach people how to create the same for themselves.

You can also offer virtual training through video calls, and personal mentoring through daily messages.

  1. Athletic Trainer

If you want to take your passion for fitness and the human body further, you could become an athletic trainer.

Typically, athletic trainers work on injury prevention, athletic performance, and patient rehabilitation and jobs in this field are often plentiful and pay well.

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You can work in a variety of different places, either at educational institutions, the NHS or privately and your clients can include A-list sports stars.

You will need to take on extra training and qualifications to become an athletic trainer, but if you want to pursue this route, having a personal trainer qualification is the first step.

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  1. Corporate Wellbeing Coach

As health and wellness is on the rise, more and more people are investing in their health and so too are companies and businesses.

That means more businesses than ever are investing in fitness centres within their building, so employees can stay in shape and stay motivated.

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It can also offer you a great opportunity to build your own business, by growing your client base from a pool of people with disposable income, and the salary and perks are often very good, too.

Qualified personal trainers with a qualification from a reputable training centre are highly sought-after, and the hours are great.

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